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Dear Readers:

We recently just returned home from a six month internship in Dublin and a four month study abroad semester in Boston so we are still getting back on our feet in terms of daily posts for you guys! The past year was so exciting for us here at The Style Print and we definitely had the experience of a lifetime travelling to so many new places and this has definitely given us a whole new perspective on fashion, culture and trends. As always it is our aim to not say what is ‘fashionable’ and what isn’t but more so to share our view on trends and fashion news around the world (whilst also incorporating our own personal style of course). America was definitely an eye opener for us and one of favourite places to shop and sight see was New York. SoHo, the centre of all things fashion and celebrity chic, was everything we thought it would be. We finally got to see all the shops and designer boutiques we’d been fawning over for so long. Dublin was more or less like living our own personal SATC marathon (or so we liked to believe anyway). The capital is hidden with so many little gems and it became like home for us so quickly.  The rest of 2014 has a lot to live up to but we think we can pull it off for you guys ♥

– Alex & Marie