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Dear Readers:

So we have recently just revamped our website to make it more accessible for our readers and we really hope that you guys love it as much as we do! The summer was so exciting for us here at The Style Print but we are very excited to welcome the snow and A/W fashion. We got to work with some amazing brands such as Nima Brush, Green Angel and Decadence Cosmetics  recently and we loved being able to give our readers such great prizes. We’ve been trying out all the trendiest bars, café’s and restaurants around Dublin: Cheesecake Dublin, Honest to Goodness and Dandelion (reviews coming soon). In other exciting news, the Christmas issue of OohLaLa Magazine is out and is full of so many great features and amazing fashion for you guys to fawn over! We also have finally found our own personal havens to sort out our tresses. We’ve tried out the uber chic salons Cowboys & Angels and also The Style Club. So as you can tell, we’ve really been trying to make the most of our time in Dublin but we still have SO much more to do. Hopefully the Christmas season will make it even more fun and magical!

Christmas has a lot to live up to but we think we can pull it off for you guys ♥

- Alex & Marie
The Style Print

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